How to Roll a Blunt

If you are hanging with a bunch of friends, you might prefer the convenience of a blunt to a bong rip. But how do you roll a blunt that won’t bring criticism from your homies? We find out in this article.

How to Roll the Perfect Joint

When you are on the go, and pulling out your treasured bong is not a reasonable option, the joint has been getting discerning stoners high since the beginning of the plant. Rolling the perfect joint is an art form, and a whole website could be created to examine the different techniques. Here is BongRip’s quick…

The Road to Legalization

Since the sixties, we’ve been hearing outspoken revolutionaries proclaim that weed legalization is just around the corner. Yet nothing has changed. Find out what we can do to make your favorite recreational drug legal.

Laws on Marijuana : State by State

Traditionally, criminal laws have been set at the federal level. Under the Nixon administration, that changed for marijuana, which is covered under the federal drug laws. However, every state still has its own laws and attitudes towards the drug. Here’s a breakdown.

How to Make a Bong

Even if you don’t have a glassblowing station in your backyard, there are plenty of things lying around the house that you can use to make your very own bong. Here we look at some clever Macguyver-ish solutions, using everything from fruit to vodka bottles, to help you get your next bong rip.

How to Clean a Bong

Let’s admit it. Bongs can get pretty nasty sometimes, and not all stoners are as clean as the discerning stoners who visit this site. So the next time you are at a friend’s house who is acting like a dirty hippie and has let his treasured bong fall into a state of filthiness, help him…