Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Want to grow your own weed behind the scenes? Or perhaps you’re just an avid collector of different strains you can’t legally grow. Whatever your reason, you’ve come across this article for one reason, to figure out more about buying marijuana seeds online.

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Perhaps you know by now the dangers associated with buying weed online, which are generally the same as buying marijuana seeds online, but if you don’t here are a couple considerations for you. First and foremost would be the legitimacy of the site. You could easily come across a rip-off or simply a terrible quality site. One way to know for sure the legitimacy of the site is to visit a “seed bank” rater. Note: not all seed sellers are seed banks. The difference is how they get their seed. Some sites have very limited varieties and are usually because they themselves grow and get the seeds from their own plants. Seed banks get their seeds from many different sources, just like how the average bank gets their money from the pockets of its members.

Photo by thoR

Photo by thoR

A good seed site has a few key components. They have stealth shipping, accept multiple forms of payments, have pictures of the various strains, will resend seeds that didn’t make it through shipping, and have easy navigation to all required elements. Not all sites will have these, and the importance of each one overall depends on what you’re looking for. For example, a lot of these companies have physical shops you can go to in their originating country. A common one is Amsterdam. They enjoy when people come to their shops but understand they can make money by going online. The easy navigation or pictures may not be as important if you have been to the physical shop before. Also, stealth shipping may only be important to those that have a reason to care about who knows.

Stealth shipping is especially important when buying marijuana seeds online for sending to places that may not have such things legalized. Methods vary from company to company and may even differ each time something is shipped from the same company. This allows for a person to keep their business to themselves and decreases the chances of the seeds being stolen or confiscated by officials when buying marijuana seeds online.

How you will pay for the seeds is one site consideration. Particular sites only accept cash, bank transfers, or mail orders. Some specifically don’t allow those when buying marijuana seeds online. Credit cards are an option on some of them. You should always check which options are allowed and which ones aren’t before considering buying the seeds.

Photo by algenta101

Photo by algenta101

Another good tip is to check reviews on the company. Finding some websites that have listings on them of their top recommended companies would be the best place to start. Oftentimes you can find them by looking up “seed bank rater.” Chances are they’ll list out all the pros and cons and explain their views. Next, you’ll want to find regular company review sites. There you can find various complaints and praises about the business as well as their product. The feedback is very valuable. From there you can find actual shipping times and common problems others have experienced when buying marijuana seeds online from the company.

For example, say you went to a feedback site and found a company that had a four out of five star rating. This is a pretty good rating. However, as you’re reading through the reviews you notice all the negative ratings are about a single product of theirs. If that seed was one you wanted to buy, you shouldn’t buy your marijuana seeds online from the site even though as a company they are good at what they do. Same thing for if you live in a country where growing is illegal. If all the good reviews are out of country and all the negative say they’re bad at stealth shipping, you could get into a lot of trouble. It’s not worth the risk to buy from a company where you can’t get the product.

Many sites have their products categorized into common sets. Some of the more common ones are feminized, medical, indoor, outdoor, sativa, indica, hybrid, premium, and auto flowering. Feminized seeds mean that all of the seeds are guaranteed to germinate as a female plant. Having only female plants means you won’t get any seeds. Indoor seeds are similar to feminized seeds in that they have been bred to be different than regular. They have been made to grow best in artificial environments.

Autoflowering is a special weed plant ability. It means that plant can completely flower without having to reduce the daylight hours. This means the flowering is based upon age, rather than environment. Some companies will have a section for these specific seeds, but others will not.

Lemon Kush - photo by eggroll

Lemon Kush – photo by eggroll

In regards to the Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid sections… Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis are three different species of weed. From them you get all of the different strains. You can combine the species as well, such as to get a “mostly” Sativa or “mostly” Indica plant. Sativa is tall and lanky, kind of a towering weed. It also has a longer grow time. Indica is short, very bushy, and has a higher amount of THC. Ruderalis is shorter and can handle a higher variety of climates. It’s oftentimes grown in Russia or the United States. Ruderalis is commonly combined with Sativa or Indica to form a strain that is shorter and hardier. Ruderalis is the kind of marijuana that can auto flower.

Knowing the exact type of seed you want will make searching for it on the site a lot easier. Before you begin searching for seeds, find out what kind best matches what you like. Once you know, do your research on the companies that sell seeds. Start with recommended sites, and then go for their net rankings. Next, browse the website. You need to make sure they take your payment option, have stealth shipping if needed, and have a blatant statement on seed replacement. Once you’re sure you trust the site and have chosen your seeds, you may buy and do with the seeds what you will.