FBI Shuts Down Silk Road, Arrests Dread Pirate Roberts

In a huge development for bitcoin and the drug culture, the FBI has announced that they have arrested the founder of the number one drug trafficking site on the Internet. The Silk Road, which we’ve covered here on this site before, now displays a government takedown notice strikingly similar to the notices that poker players…

President Obama, George Bush, and Bill Clinton are all admitted weed users.

Penn Jillette Blasts Obama on Drug Policy

In Penn Jillette’s sunday school YouTube channel, he recently went on a several minute rant after Obama appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and admitted to smoking weed. If you have any doubt that the system we live in is screwy, just sit back and watch Penn explain. The United States is a country where…

A Journey Down the Silk Road

Welcome to the Internet age, where hundreds of people right now are buying weed anonymously online. Find out everything you want to know about the silk road and the modern drug deal. More to come. Tor link to the Silk Road http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/index.php

Get Paid to Write

BongRip.com is looking for a few good writers. If you have a passion for weed and for having your voice heard, this might be a good gig for you. Just send us an article you would like to have published on our website, and if we accept it we will ship you $5 via PayPal…

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Want to grow your own weed behind the scenes? Or perhaps you’re just an avid collector of different strains you can’t legally grow. Whatever your reason, you’ve come across this article for one reason, to figure out more about buying marijuana seeds online. Perhaps you know by now the dangers associated with buying weed online,…

How to Roll a Blunt

If you are hanging with a bunch of friends, you might prefer the convenience of a blunt to a bong rip. But how do you roll a blunt that won’t bring criticism from your homies? We find out in this article.

How to Roll the Perfect Joint

When you are on the go, and pulling out your treasured bong is not a reasonable option, the joint has been getting discerning stoners high since the beginning of the plant. Rolling the perfect joint is an art form, and a whole website could be created to examine the different techniques. Here is BongRip’s quick…

The Road to Legalization

Since the sixties, we’ve been hearing outspoken revolutionaries proclaim that weed legalization is just around the corner. Yet nothing has changed. Find out what we can do to make your favorite recreational drug legal.

Laws on Marijuana : State by State

Traditionally, criminal laws have been set at the federal level. Under the Nixon administration, that changed for marijuana, which is covered under the federal drug laws. However, every state still has its own laws and attitudes towards the drug. Here’s a breakdown.